Do We Need Certified Translators?

Let’s say that you are dealing with some important paperwork between two languages (a birth certificate from a different country, perhaps) and suddenly the man on the other side of the desk says, “This document has to be translated by a certified translator.” What do you do then?

Well, first of all, don’t panic. It’s important to understand that in certain situations it is necessary for a translation to be done by professional who is specialized in that field, since the document has legal ramifications and, in many cases, will seriously affect your future.

Simply put, a certified translator is a person who is trained in such activities. He or she has studied it as a profession for several years and specialized in legal matters. Then and only then is he or she capable of translating a legal document. In addition, once the translator has finished the job, he or she signs and seals it and certifies that it is a faithful translation. Since the translator is certified, he or she is registered and, therefore, the signature is cross-checked with the one on file.

This procedure is used to provide a legal backing to security, since translations of public documents cannot be issued at random and the professional organization of certified translators is responsible for verifying that our documents are ratified as public documents.