How to Choose the Right Translation Agency

When a client has a translation project, the most common action taken is to request a couple of budgets from agencies on the market.

And then? How does it analyze them? Always go with the cheapest budget? Always choose the quickest turnaround?

It is not a good idea to choose only by taking into account the price. Nor is it wise to make the decision based only on delivery time.

An important point to keep in mind for any customer is the quality of work they will receive. In this sense, it is important to choose an agency that provides a full service translation, namely, that in addition to the translation of words, it addresses the design of the material and all technological aspects. The words, the original text, must be controlled by professionals of different disciplines: linguists and experts in the field of dealing with the project, such as engineers, architects, teachers, economists, etc.

The proper quality of translation depends on the hard teamwork of different professionals and not only on a good translator.

Then, the correct way to choose a translation agency is according to the best VALUE PROPOSITION, which is the combination of these three key elements: quality, price and speed of delivery.

It takes time, effort, perseverance and a little creativity to produce the best estimate, i.e. the best combination of these 3 factors: higher quality, lower price and faster delivery for a particular project. This will be the best value proposition.

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