Human Translation Services [VIDEO]

Human Translations: The Path to Professional Quality


Professional Human Translation Services

In the world of translations, there has been significant emphasis on the development of technology and automatic machine translations.  As we will see the next couple of minutes, the use of humans is still essential to achieving professional quality in translations. As you can imagine, human languages are highly complex systems of communications. The exact meaning of a given word or phrase can vary significantly depending on the following:

  • context
  • the purpose of the communications
  • and the target audience

Even with the most powerful supercomputers, machine translations can only achieve approximately 75-80% accuracy depending on the language pair.   Further, machines cannot guarantee the readability of the translated text.  In other words, the text may be part accurately translated but sound awkward or “robot” like.

Imagine translating a contract or manual where 25% of the text may be incorrect and having no way of knowing which part of the contract is translated correctly or incorrectly.   If you want professional quality translations, humans are a critical element to the process.

At Trusted Translations, our expert linguists are trained to translate each phrase taking into account the specific context, such as the subject matter, industry vertical and the intended use of the source text.  Further, our linguists recognize when a phrase can have various meanings even within a specific context and consult with our clients to ensure the correct meaning is translated.

Our translators also strive to create translations that read like they were written originally in the target language.  Accuracy and readability are two important factors that can make all the difference in an important translation.

To achieve this professional level of quality, Trusted Translations employs a triple human verification check involving three separate linguistics. If you have any questions regarding human translations, please do not hesitate to free quote or consultation.