Journalistic Translation

A couJournalistple weeks ago we took a captivating look at how different types of interpreters work with journalists. As the main difference between an interpreter and a translator was also defined in the previous article, in this one the spotlight is shined on journalistic translation.

What is journalistic translation? It is a field that requires expertise using various techniques based on the context of the subject matter and in-depth knowledge of both the source and target languages. The journalistic translator must know and deftly control the different documentary sources of information in order to avoid misunderstandings in the translation.

At the same time journalistic texts have their own conventions. The journalistic translator should be aware of these conventions and possess the necessary competence so that these texts work in a new linguistic and cultural context. On occasions the translator needs to work like a journalist, and in some cases these specialized translators are journalists themselves.

These translators for instance must take into account that many plays on words cannot be directly translated into the foreign language as the meaning will be lost. They must therefore be able to reproduce the nuances of the source text (original document) in the target language (language that the text is translated into) in such a way that the translation remains true to the original.

Our main aim is to continue offering translations of the very highest quality to clients in every field. Therefore we see it fit to also carry out journalism translation from one language to another for various journals, publications, websites and other media that specialize in both general and specific topics. Don’t hesitate to read more about the different types of translation services we offer.