Language-related Technology

Language technology is the result of applying language knowledge to the development of computer systems.

We can classify this into two groups: technology of speech and text.

Speech Technology

* It is now possible for a person to talk to a machine and have the machine understand the information that is transmitted, because the computer receives the sounds in the form of analog waves, which are then analyzed to identify phonemes. Using speech recognition, the spoken message is converted into text.
* Speech synthesis permits the generation of voice messages from a written text stored electronically.
* It is also possible to recognize speakers by the signal of their voice.
* Speech can also be generated using templates that were completed earlier using recordings or by concatenating phonemes.

Text Technology

These technologies allow for written text to be treated.

* On the one hand we have OCR, optical character recognition, which recognizes text from printed sources and printed images and on the other hand, we have the ICR, intelligent character recognition, which recognizes handwriting.
* There are also speech translation systems that allow two people to maintain a telephone conversation in different languages fluently.
* For the various machine translation software, we have written several articles, including:
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Needless to say that these new technologies are always changing and improving, so soon we can have them all wt our disposal, but they are still not reliable for professional use.

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