Lingobit Localizer

There are an array of tools to work with us when carrying out the tasks of translation and localization. Today I would like to discuss Lingobit Localizer and its helpful features.

What is Lingobit Localizer?

It is a tool that works with translation and localization of software applications that allows for collaboration between translators, project managers, and testers through the use of a simple and efficient interface.

How Does It Work?

Once the translation is finished, Lingobit Localizer creates a localized version of it, without touching the source code.

The localization of the software can be done within the company or it can be outsourced. In the latter case, the translation tasks can be distributed through localization systems that off autoextraction with a file of the project, and not with the source code, as well as a “partial” edition from Localizer for the translators.

When the company performs a software update, it is not necessary to translate and localize the content again; this tool merges the old translations with the resources of the new version, which means it is only necessary to work with the new or modified content.

Main Features

  • Localization of Win32/MFC, .NET, Delphu executables, and Java properties files.
  • Content that has already been translated can be reused.
  • Spelling and grammar checker.
  • Exchange assistant that facilitates collaboration among all of the participants in the process.
  • Visual editor to see and edit dialog boxes; distribution administrator that helps fit the translated content to the controls.
  • Translation memory that also allows for importing and exporting with TMX and CSV formats.
  • Presents a pseudotranslation option to double check that the content is ready for localization.
  • QA checker that checks for conflicts in translations that may be problematic when localizing.
  • It compiles multilingual, monolingual, or only resource DLLs.
  • It supports all languages accepted by the Windows, .NET, and Java platforms and allows for having all of the languages necessary in one project.


It is compatible with several development platforms that allow the translator to change the text, positions, and other localizable parameters. Among these are:

  • C++, Win32, and MFC
  • .NET
  • Borland Delphi & CBuilder
  • Java
  • XML
  • INI
  • Databases
  • WPF
  • PO, JavaScript, Symbian, SQL, VBScript, SSRs, etc.

Lingobit makes everything available to you in a 90-day demo version and its website is presented in several languages.

To get the latest on this and other assisted translation tools, read and contribute in the forum: CAT Tools.

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