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Love in translation

Is it possible for two people who don’t speak the same language to fall in love? We’ve all heard that communication is the key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. However, it’s not uncommon for two people who speak different languages to enter a relationship and try it out.

From a humoristic standpoint, we could argue in favor of constrained communication by saying that it would lead to less heated arguments and debates, more emphasis on a physical connection, etc. However, it is of course not without its drawbacks: we may be depositing a lesser amount of importance in the idea of an intellectual connection versus prioritizing physical attractions.

Also, there may come a time when the silence becomes a bit too overwhelming.
Often times, dating experts or coaches say that men are keener on the person as a whole versus a particular thing they may say or even do. This means that conversation isn’t necessary, perhaps, for an instant or immediate connection with a significant other. In time, if the bond grows, the advantage to being the partner of someone who doesn’t speak your language is that you can learn theirs – and vice versa. Your special someone could turn out to be the best way to master another’s mother tongue. Needless to say, it helps of course if at least some of the words that other person speaks are understood. Crossing the language divide may present an interesting challenge, and time does heal all wounds – even those caused by an initial inability to express oneself in your language of choice.