Marketing Translations: What you need to know

In today’s business world, customers are as unique as they are plentiful, and working to reach them with an appropriate message can be very difficult. Searching for the right message, slogan or campaign is very important as each region or group will have their own voice, culture and needs, and will respond to campaigns in their own way based on their personal experiences within their culture.

Simply creating a marketing campaign and doing direct translations can create awkward situations for intended markets and create a negative response depending on how the slogan or message translates; so, we have worked to create teams solely for marketing purposes as a solution for these problems.

Tailoring a marketing campaign to each language helps make all the difference and knowing how to do so is very important. We have marketing experts on staff who specialize in creative writing and we can do so in countless languages and niches within each of those languages. We can help turn your slogan into one that will appeal to your target audience, whether that be Spanish speakers living in Southern California, Florida, or New York, or reaching out to completely foreign markets such as targeting Japanese, Russian, or Indian audiences. Whatever the target may be, and wherever they are, we make sure we have on hand a marketing translation expert to help out.

When working with slogan translation, a tagline, book/movie titles and other similarly small word counts, we will work with teams and discuss what each translator feels to be the best option and, after this, we will submit the top 2-4 options to you for your review.

If you are interested in having any marketing material translated and or reviewed, please feel free to reach out to us directly and we will be happy to help out at