MultilingualWeb Workshops

MultilingualWeb is a project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by W3 in order to improve the way we create, localize and internationalize information through the development of standards for creating web pages in multiple languages.

The ultimate aim is to promote and contribute to the development and use of internationalization standards for websites. The importance of implementing standards in web development lies in the inter-operability and consistency in the information available on the Internet, which guarantees easy and quick access, and this is a way to eliminate language barriers.

This project is supported by major global organizations such as W3, LISA, TAUS, Opera, Microsoft, Facebook, among others.

As an initial phase, 4 workshops are scheduled over a period of 2 years to define the current situation with regard to web development in order to then begin discussing the concrete problems and their solutions.

The 4 workshops seek to provide all the information available at this time, while also creating a space to identify the areas that are still weakest need to be addressed with answers and actions:

* Workshop 1: Multilingual Web. “Where are we?”

Was conducted in October 2010 in Madrid, Spain.

* Workshop 2: Multilingual Web Content.

Being held in April this year in Pisa, Italy.

* Workshop 3: Localization in the Multilingual Web.

It is scheduled to be held in September this year in Limerick, Ireland.

* Workshop 4: Final Workshop

It is scheduled to be held in February 2012 in Luxembourg.

We will continue to post other articles with more information about these workshops, to give as much information as possible about this important meetings.