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Online Translation Services on Television?

And since technology does not rest … now it appears that search engines will add translation services to different devices.

When a user uploads a video to the Web, in some cases it is possible to generate the subtitles and translate them online to any of the languages available through this service. While these versions are still not entirely reliable as accurate translations, we are getting there. Similarly, you can also translate the subtitles of any video that has them available. Now, with a decoder that connects to your TV, this technology can also be applied to television programming. This promises a future with the broadcast of channels through the Internet with subtitles in languages offered by the service.

On the other hand, for telephones, there are also translation services for computers that have the Android OS. It has applications to analyze and translate the text of a photo taken with the phone and is working on how to improve telephone translation services.

Seamless international communications … soon to be a reality?