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Current events

Wordle Takes Over the World

Wordle, released in December 2021, took the internet by storm, and had reached nearly 3 million players in the early months of 2022. Players’ score

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The Original Rosetta Stone

When most Americans hear the phrase “Rosetta Stone,” they probably think of the famous language-learning software. The Rosetta Stone, the software program, is named after

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Do You Speak Aranese?

Chances are high that you do not speak Aranese. In fact, it is very likely that you’ve never even heard of Aranese! This is the

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For Translation Buyers

Why SaaS Localization Matters

What is a SaaS—or Software-as-a-Service—company? A SaaS company is one which hosts an application through its own servers, and in this way makes it available

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