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Satisfied Clients

Quality + Customer Service + Transparent Pricing

Quality: no one invests money (a commodity so precious in our current economy) in a service that does not provide any benefit. Let’s keep in mind the attitude that we have when handling the variety of products we see on the supermarket shelf. A simple lamp might not fit our space, another does not match the color of the room, and the third is of such poor quality that when we try to turn it on … it burns out our bulb! No customer pays for something that does not help, in any aspect, due to poor quality. The issue of quality of service is the starting point of any relationship.

Customer Service: Who wants to work with a company where no one answers the phone? And when we finally do have someone on the other end, no one likes to hear the stereotypical phrase: “At this time, we are not available. Leave us a message and we will call you back. ” Call me back? When? A cell phone is not the ultimate solution to this. Always be ready and willing to listen to the client when they need something or even when they just call and to ask a question or make a request that does not fit any of our “standard” services. It is important to remember that you cannot provide one  service that is the same for everyone, as there are clients with special needs, and in this case, we need flexibility to adapt. In our lamp example, if you have a question about energy consumption, is there a friendly employee available who is willing to answer your questions in a clear manner?

Transparent pricing: clients are aware of the market prices for each service and are willing to pay a price that reflects the quality of the product received. Did you end up buying the cheaper lamp? Maybe, maybe not. Buy the one that is reasonably priced, whether cheap or expensive, but provided that it is the one that is best suited to your specific need.

In summary, quality + customer service + transparent pricing = satisfied customers.

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