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Seminar on Industrialization of the Linguistic Sector

It is a reality that the world is advancing and that new technologies are growing in importance in all areas, including our own: translation and interpretation. In fact, I have found dozens of articles about new devices, systems or software that promise to be the ideal “translator substitute”, and it can only seem paradoxical that you would want to replace something as inherently human as this with a machine. For this reason, and I hope for a long time, our workload is very high and to find a system capable of understanding irony, double meanings or word play is not so simple.

However, these attempts are a threat to our daily routine.

Considering these same issues, Asetrad (Spanish association of translators, proofreaders and interpreters) will conduct a conference in Valencia (Spain) on April 2 under the title: “Translation, proofreading, interpretation: the way to industrialize?”, which will discuss the attempt underway to industrialize our activity and, consequently, to reduce costs for language professionals.

This event aims to address this problem that, sooner or later, we will have to deal with, either individually or collectively, and to propose strategies for it.

In particular, this free event will take place at the Expo Hotel Valencia, and although there is no charge, you must request an invitation and confirm your attendance as space is limited.

If you are interested, you will find much more information by clicking here.

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