Mexican Language Academy

The Mexican Language Academy was founded in 1875.

One of its honorary members, the writer Octavo Paz, has obtained, among other awards, the Cervantes Prize (1981) and the Nobel Prize for Literature (1990).

The Mexican Academy, which has always been characterized by good relations with other language academies, organized the first Congress of Spanish Language Academies in 1951. Thanks to this meeting and to the work of the Standing Committee, the Association of Spanish Language Academies emerged.

The Mexican Academy also organized the XI Congress of Spanish Language Academies held in Puebla de Los Ángeles in November 1998.

Since 2001, its website has included, among other things, a brief Dictionary of Mexicanisms.

Since 2002, the academy has been part of the Board of the Scientific and Technological Consultative Forum.

In 2003 the academy organized the IV Meeting of the Inter-Academic Commission in charge of the Panhispanic Dictionary of Doubts. In the same year it also created the Lexicography Commission.

Since 2004 and during 2005 the academy celebrated the fourth centenary of Don Quixote.In 2005 the Consultations Office was created for members of the Mexican society.

Since then the academy has actively participated in all the activities and meetings of the Association of Spanish Language Academies, such as the VII International Congress of the History of the Spanish Language, which took place in Yucatán in 2006. It also promoted the creation of the Foundation of Urgent Spanish (Fundéu), chaired by the director of the Mexican Language Academy.

In 2006 Enrique Cárdenas de la Peña’s History of the Mexican Language Academy was published.

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