Smart Translator

As we have discussed here before, the use of automatic translations has been on the rise recently as a result of the growing need for quick translations, even if they are not of the highest quality.

Smart Translator is a series of software programs that translates technical texts originally in English into other languages, which makes it highly useful for engineers and technicians who must familiarize themselves quickly and thoroughly with new technologies.

These software programs use artificial intelligence to provide precision in style, grammar and semantics in sentence construction through a series of plug-ins for Frame Maker, Microsoft Word, Arbortext Editor and JustSystems XMetaL Author.

This system works with what is known as “controlled English” in order to eliminate ambiguities, highly technical technical terms or jargon, odd expressions and idiomatic phrases. It uses dictionaries to produce precise translation from a clear English document and relies on a final edition by a human, which means that a translator is responsible for this last step.

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