Technology and Cultural Aspects

While we are all globalized, there are certain day-to-day intrinsic cultural factors that are imposed on the phenomenon of globalization. These are factors that respond to cultural values and principles and others to the daily practices that build on these principles. Standards also provide a legal framework for these cultural principles. Other factors respond to traditions.

And all these cultural elements are also evident in the various professional practices, such as in the use of technology.

Cultural differences require that Information Technology immediately respond to the diverse needs of the culture in question.

Sometimes you need a certain hardware, software, or a special keyboard. The same goes for the screen or interface. That means that not only the “output” but also the “input” must be adapted.

In this context, information technology must provide flexible solutions to achieve a communion between these two aspects that coexist under the same sky: on the one hand, global integration, on the other, cultural respect.

Some aspects are easier to identify and, therefore, to solve than others, such as special needs in terms of the keyboards and screens. While some other elements are less obvious and more complex to address, such as the different ways of processing information, which vary by country.

This is the great challenge of IT, to move forward seamlessly while integrating globalization and culture.

We will delve further in this matter in future posts.

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