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Telephone Interpretation

In today’s globalized world, the need to close the gap between two different languages grows stronger each day. This can be achieved with the translation of a document or through interpretation services at a meeting, seminar, or in this case, a phone call. For this reason, telephone interpretation has been growing in size and importance for the past few years. But what exactly does this new term refer to?

Succinctly, it is a service similar to a conference call or three-way call, in which there is one speaker who uses language “A”, second party who uses language “B”, and an interpreter, whose job is to facilitate comprehension of both participants by eliminating the language barriers in a quick, easy, and exact manner.

The interpreter, in order to fulfill his or her function, needs to have certain conditions met during the call. First, it is essential that both parties know that they are taking part in a conference call and that an interpreter will be privy to all information disclosed. The interpreter must have strong knowledge of the subject matter (whether this is a conversation between family members where personal issues will be addressed or a call between a doctor and a patient). Additionally, he or she must be located in an area that is removed from external noises that can be disruptive and interfere with the interpretation. Finally, he or she should use high-quality headphones in order to clearly hear each word that the other parties say during the conversation.

At Trusted Translations, we are proud to offer this type of service to our clients with the goal of promoting effective communication. If you are interested in obtaining more information on this topic, visit our page on Phone Interpretation.

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