Translation in the World of Cinema

Most people do not appreciate the influence that the role of translators has when a filmmaker decides that his or her film will be dubbed into another language. If your choice is based on the lowest price and not the best quality in translation, the result can be a box office bomb.

Today, translation agencies play a key role in many areas of commerce. Many of these industries owe their success to agencies offering translation services since without the help of specialists in translation and localization it would be impossible to distribute the enormity of their marketing materials to its customers and spectators around the world. Not only are translation agencies valued in the business world, but they are also changing the landscape of industry.

Not long ago, language barriers represented an obstacle to directors and filmmakers due to the near impossibility they had in presenting their works in other countries. Currently, however, the situation is completely different. With the help of translation agencies, thousands of directors are seeing their dreams of showing their films even in the remotest corners of the planet come true, and thus their artistic visions are shared around the world. It is at this stage of the process that the translator comes into play. Most movies are subtitled or dubbed into the language of the target audience. Indeed, the success of the film in a foreign country depends on the work of the translator or the translation team in charge of conveying the same original message of the film in a completely different culture.

If a mediocre and inferior translation is chosen merely because of lower costs, the result will be even worse than if the film had simply been shown in its original language without any translation. The audience will not care if the quality of film is good, if it stars famous actors or the script of the film is first rate. A low-quality translation can overshadow a masterpiece if the transmitted message is not respected and viewers will not even give an opinion because they walk away confused by a botched translation. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a reliable translation agency that focuses on the final quality of the service.

Today, there is no reason to show a film just for an audience that speaks the language of the film. Thanks to the technological revolution we have been experiencing and are continuing to experience, globalization has helped make the entire planet into an audience for all works. That is why the translators play a key role when it comes to conveying the right message without creating confusion or controversy.

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