Translation Tools Connected to the Cloud

As a translation project manager and translator it is easy for me to recognize the benefits of working with translation tools, also known as CAT Tools that are connected to a cloud. We have been suffering for a long time, and for our own benefit, from a transition in regard to these tools. Nowadays the translation world can also enjoy the advantages of being connected to the cloud. Although many resist the use of these tools,  in my opinion they are a great help and can radically accelerate our daily work.

Still don’t want to try out the cloud? I am going to describe some of the cloud’s features that will surely change your mind.

One of the most important characteristics is that we can share translation memories in real-time. Various translators can be translating and sharing their memories at once. As a result, they will have a consistent and uniform text without running the risk of having used different terminology or different translations for the same segment.

Another advantage, that will be of great interest to the translator, is that they can work from any computer. The translation programs that work from clouds allow their users to connect from any computer, easily downloading the application that they will work with and setting up user name. This  grants translators the flexibility to work not just from a personal computer, but from any computer.

How many times has your computer frozen after having translated for hours, and you consequently lost everything? With the cloud this is not a problem. While we are translating and confirming segments, all of the information is automatically saved in the cloud. In the event of a temporary failure, we can simply restart our computer and connect again without having to start from scratch.

I hope that you now feel like trying out some of these tools and that you can experience them for yourselves.

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