Trusted Marketing Translations

The translation of marketing material ranks among Trusted Translations’ main linguistic activities. Every day we get requests from customers who are looking to expand their companies’ reach and who therefore need to translate their brochures, PowerPoint presentations or websites. To satisfy this need, Trusted Translations relies on a team of marketing experts, translators who are not only up-to-date on the jargon of the field but also on its technical aspects and resources.

When it comes to translating marketing texts, unlike what happens with other types of translation (such as the purely technical), the effect that the text might have on the reader is often favored over the scientific or technical preciseness of it. This reordering of priorities might pose a problem for translators who specialize in fields in which the most important thing is to remain faithful to a term. The translation of a slogan, for example, can turn into a daunting challenge because it entails the transmission of a very concrete idea in a few words. And in some cases, the task’s difficulty lies precisely in the opposite scenario: the idea might be very general or open-ended and specifically crafted so to represent a company. In such cases, it might be a good idea to set aside some time and resources in order to overcome additional difficulties of the kind, which might require a creative twist. This will guarantee that the translation process will yield its best results, along with the consequent business benefits to the customer.

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