Trusted Translations Goes Green

Trusted Translations, the leading provider of Spanish language translations in the United States market, has recently announced its commitment to “go green” by implementing new policies that will reduce the use of paper by using methods of electronic delivery of invoices and projects as well as brochures and other materials related to marketing campaigns. The company’s goal is to reduce paper use by 90% over the next two years.

These policies will affect not only the internal corporate culture of Trusted Translations, but will also be extended to the company’s 10,000 translators in order to attain a tangible effect on the environment.
In addition to these new policies, Trusted Translations has also undertaken an initiative to spread this environmentally-conscious message amongst the Hispanic community in the United States, the country’s largest minority group. The company will pair with non-profit organizations in order to promote environmental awareness and conservation strategies by translating this message into Spanish.

As Trusted Translations is one of the first translations companies to adopt a “green” policy, this constitutes a major step in terms of environmentally-friendly practices for the translation industry.