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Trusted Translations, the GSA and Much More…

In response to some questions as to why our GSA pricing for certain language pairs is low, the real question should be not how low your pricing is on the GSA Schedule but rather how high it is.    Any company that truly understands how the GSA schedule works, providing translation services to the U.S. Government is not about making tons of money.   It is about providing the government quality service at rates well below your commercial rates.   In fact, if you are on the Schedule, you are likely required not only to provide the government the best rates at the time of signing of the contract but on an ongoing basis.   In other words, if you lower your prices below the rates listed on your Schedule to a commercial client even just once, you are required to honor the same price to the U.S. Government.

Trusted Translations was recently awarded an open contract with the General Services Administration (GSA).    In order to fully understand all the terms and conditions surrounding the GSA Schedule, Trusted Translations decided to handle the application process internally.   It took us over one year to be approved and I was personally involved in the entire process.   Being a U.S. Licensed Attorney for over 15 years, I wanted to ensure our company complied with every condition.   Further, being born on a U.S. Military base and the son of a U.S. Veteran that served our country during the Vietnam conflict, I am particularly sensitive to complying with our nation’s rules and regulations.

We are extremely proud to be a part of the GSA Schedule and proud to offer our government our services at those prices.    The GSA Schedule is clearly not for every company and it takes hard to work to maintain such pricing for the government even if involves my personal involvement on every government project.  Of course, if there is any doubt as to my U.S. Citizenship, I would gladly provide a copy of my birth certificate.  However, as with previous birth certificate demands, it is clear we all have better things to do…

Trusted Translations is a full-service company with offices in several locations, including Miami a mecca for Spanish translation talent.  We are proud to provide some of the most competitive rates for Spanish and extend these rates not only to our commercial clients but to the U.S. Government complying with every single condition including maintaining the lowest price as required by the Schedule contract.

Further, we are proud to offer for our translation services at zero cost to many charitable organizations in the U.S. including the Miami Art Museum and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Our work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has not only helped them increase awareness to the Hispanic community about the childhood cancer but helped them raise over $500,000 for the organization.