What is the Translation Process?

At Trusted Translations Inc. we are known for the 3-Step Translation Process. Many times, when clients call us to request a quote for a translation, they are stunned by our 3-step-translation process including our Quality Assurance Procedure. In the following paragraphs, I will explain how this really works.

The process basically starts once the Account Manager receives the source files from the client. The Account Manager sends the quote request with all the necessary information to the Project Manager. This necessary  information will consist of Client name, the Status; New or Recurrent client, the Language pair; the Source and Target language with dialect if needed, the Delivery Format of the documents, the Driver; Cost, Time and/or Quality and any other important comments the Account Manager feels need to be included.

Once the Account Manager receives the Quote Request, the Source files are analyzed by a CAT Tool programm. In case, the source files needs any type of formatting, re-formatting, recreation or any other type of Desktop Publishing Services for the translated documents to mirror the original source document,  the Project Manager will send the DTP Manager the Source files for quotation purposes. The Project Manager is basically in charge of Planning and Execution (allocating qualified Resources); overseeing time lines and Quality Control of the project.

Now the 3-Step Translation Process can begin, with the Project Manager assigning the Source files to a native target-language-speaking translator, familiar with the subject of the text. Once the Source Files are translated, they will be edited by a second translator. The editor will reference the source text, paragraph by paragraph, to make sure no text was skipped or meaning was lost during the initial step of the translation process. Finally, the translated and edited documents will go through a final proofreading, performed by a third professional translator. Both Editor and Proofreader will also be native speakers of the target language.

The Project Manager will then receive the fully translated and formatted documents, mirroring the Source files. A final Quality Assurance Test will then be done to make sure all steps have been done correctly. The Account Manager will then receive the final product, which will then be delivered together with the corresponding Invoice to the client. Above is a diagram, which pictures all steps in the Translation Process.