What Will the TAUS User Conference 2013 Be Like?

This year, Portland will be the city hosting the TAUS User Conference, which will take place on October 14 and 15. The conference will be focused, as we know, on the novelties in translation processes, localization service innovations and cooperation among industry professionals.

Above all, it is important to know that TAUS provides research services and publishes information regarding the areas dedicated to localization, as well as automated translation. These allow us to apply Best Practices at work, be up to date on technological advances pertaining to our industry in order to pursue innovation, and guides to help us reach these goals.

This year’s main topic is translation as a tool. Representatives from the most important translation and localization companies around the world, among them Gustavo Lucardi, COO of Trusted Translations, who will be speaking on global and efficient content strategies.

In a field like translation, where technology takes an increasingly important role, attending such conferences to stay up to date is of essence. In a globalized world, what used to be local competition is now international competition, and where technology advances at great speed, not being on top of the latest technology can be a great setback.

In TAUS, subjects about the efficiency of different translation tools are discussed, but most of all there is an emphasis on automatic translation, perhaps the biggest development in recent times. Something that translators and company owners alike must understand how to turn into something advantageous and use as an useful tool, all while preserving the quality.