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What’s the Minimum Number of Translators Involved in Each Translation Project?

Some clients may not be aware of it, but each translation project—no matter how small—involves the work of various translation professionals.

The “translator” is the professional that works with the source text on the first round, applying a determined work methodology learnt during University studies.  In case of a very large project, several translators will partake.

Subsequently, the translation rendered by this first professional is then corrected by a second translator referred to as an “editor.”  In case of a very large project, several editors will partake.

Finally, the edition is reviewed by a specialist in the original document subject matter (civil engineering, architecture, medicine, etc.).  Even in the case of very large projects, only one professional is involved in this final stage, as in this way it is possible to apply uniform criteria throughout the text.

Furthermore, the project may entail the involvement of graphic design and IT professionals, in accordance with the particular qualities of the original document.