Why Is It Necessary To Translate Websites?

The answer is simple:

1. Translating provides greater sales opportunities.

Clearly understanding the advantages of buying products or purchasing services is an essential condition for sales. Obviously, no one will buy something if they do not know why it is useful. Why spend money, especially in an economic context of crisis, if the thing you you buy does not change the current situation? Entrepreneurs invest money to solve problems that today are cumbersome and expensive. That’s why you need to understand clearly what solution the new product or service you purchase provides for the you.
2. Translating improves corporate image.

Multilingualism speaks well of the company’s range of criteria in regards to potential clients from around the world. Today, businesses cannot think of “micro” markets, but “macro” markets. Why only think of the potential customers in the U.S. and not in the East? Every client is welcome and necessary, since you can reach significant economic agreements with all. The globalization of the economy means that beyond distances, and languages, all companies have similar problems. This is the reason why a solution that a business finds can be useful anywhere in the world, not only in their own.

3. Translation reduces business costs.

Since customers clearly understand the benefits and how to use your products or services, you save costs in Customer Service and Technical Assistance. And in a time of economic crisis like the present, saving costs is the immediate goal of many leading companies. While the Departments of Technical Assistance and Customer Service are necessary, it is important to find immediate solutions to streamline tasks that take place in the productive sector and prevent wait times and disruption of activities.

For all these reasons, translation is a worthwhile investment that is inescapable in today’s global marketplace.

(Spanish version: ¿Por qué es necesario traducir la página web?)