ApSIC XBench is a quality control tool created by ApSIC (a company specializing in technical translations and localization of software products). It is quite effective when searching within different linguistic resources (glossaries and translation memories, etc.).

It also helps detect problems in the quality of translations, such as untranslated segments, source text used in the target file, inconsistencies in the translation, errors in the transfer of tags and numbers, double spaces, inconsistencies in terminology in relation to a list of keywords, among others. If customized lists are used, translators can set up the Quality Control process based on their needs in order to find, for example, forbidden characters or words.

This tool allows different input formats, for example:

  • Files with tabulated text
  • Microsoft glossaries (.csv [comma-separated values] files)
  • Memories exported from Trados Workbench
  • Glossaries exported from Trados Multiterm
  • Trados Tag Editor files
  • Bilingual Word document files worked with Trados
  • Folders installed from IBM TanslationManager
  • Dictionaries exported from IBM TranslationManager
  • .itd files from SDLX
  • STAR Transit projects
  • Wordfast glossaries
  • Wordfast memories

Right now, XBench 2.8 is in Beta testing. This version offers the following functions:

  • New support for common expressions and Microsoft Word Wildcards. Now it is possible to search for and add elements from a list through the use of common expressions, grammar, or Microsoft Word wildcards.
  • Faster search engine. It is now 50% faster.
  • Compatibility with a larger number of formats. It now works with SDLX memories, Atril DejaVu and Idiom files and Logoport RTF files.
  • Categories for checklist elements. Now you can organize list elements in categories and execute them selectively.
  • More specific selection of segments to perform a search. Now searches can be restricted to only new segments, ongoing translations, or even by excluding blocked segments in the search results.

(Spanish version: XBench)