Document Translation Services

Document translation is one of the core services provided by Trusted Translations, Inc. For over 20 years, our organization has focused on bringing together the best linguists worldwide along with the best technology in the industry to ensure our clients have the highest quality document translations at a value unmatched in the market.
Thanks to our extensive experience in this core service, we are able to provide our clients with:

  • Fast and accurate quotes for small and large projects
  • Quick turnaround times for even large-volume projects
  • High-quality translations carried out by qualified and tested language professionals
  • Access to the latest translation-memory and language software technology
  • Dedicated account and project managers to keep our clients up to date on their projects and make any changes or additions they may require
  • Lowest pricing in the industry for the level of quality
  • Over 20 years of experience in providing document translation in multiple languages

Key Components of a Document Translation Project

Understanding the key components of a document translation project can help you and your organization plan and budget accordingly. The following are the key elements we analyze for every document translation project.

  • Purpose and audience of the translation: Our first question is, What is the purpose of the document being translated and who is it aimed at? In particular, we work with our clients to assess the target audience and objective of the document translation. For example, in the case of government or legal filings, we know from experience that these types of translations have formatting requirements, strict filing deadlines and often require a certificate of accuracy.
  • Size and timing: Another two key elements are the size of the document and the translation deadline. Knowing the size of the document and when it is due can help our expert project managers employ the correct number of resources so that the project is turned in on time with accurate and consistent use of terminology.
  • Language pair(s): Understanding all the target languages is another key element. If a project requires a document to be translated into multiple languages, our project managers are trained to utilize certain workflows that ensure accuracy across all target languages.
  • Subject matter: Identifying the subject matter of each translation is essential to providing high quality output for our clients. We match every translation with an expert linguist experienced in translating the subject matter of the document. As you can imagine, a medical translation, for example, will very likely require a specific expertise to ensure the correct terminology is used in the translation. Depending on the subject matter, our project managers will select the right team for each project.
  • File format: Another element that has to be considered is the file format of the original document and what output format is required. Trusted Translations, Inc. has a dedicated inhouse team of programmers that focus solely on the formatting of our client’s document translations. From scanned documents to MS Office and Adobe Illustrator formats, it is our task to ensure we are able to efficiently access the information that needs to be translated and deliver it in the format our clients require.

High-Quality Affordable Document Translations

No matter the size or type of document translation project, Trusted Translations, Inc. has the experience to provide high-quality output at some of the best rates in the market. Our expert account managers can easily walk you through the process and deliver your project expeditiously. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a consultation and/or quote.