5 Points Customers should keep in mind when asking for a Quote

5 points to keep in mind when quotingWe receive many quote requests on a daily basis and the documents vary from Birth Certificates, to Power Point presentations, to legal documents and to very technical manuals. It is very important to know the exact driver the client has, in order to provide the suitable quote. The 3 drivers are: time, cost and quality.

1.)Should the client require the translation back in a very short time period, the quality of the translation will suffer and there will not be consistency, as the document will have to be split up amongst several translators, in order to meet the short deadline.

2.)When cost is the main driver, obviously not the best resources will be used and a step from the 3 step translation process; translation, editing and proofreading will be skipped, to be able to lower the cost.  This is typically requested, when the client only needs to understand the text and he doesn´t need to present it or use it for business purposes.

3.) When quality is the main driver, the most qualified resources are used and all 3 translation steps are done.

4.) When requesting a quote for translation, it is also to their advantage that we receive the source file and not an un-editable file, as this will result in higher DTP (desktop publishing services) – formatting costs. Always take into consideration that when translating a document from English to Spanish, there will be an increase in text of around 20%, which normally requires DTP work.

5.) Another important point clients should always keep in mind when requesting for a quote is the exact dialect of the target language. This would be in the case when a translation is needed from English to Spanish. There are many different Spanish dialects used, so the client should always keep in mind where and who will this translation be used.

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