Adapting to the market

adapting to the market

The demand for translation is in an ever-increasing raise due to globalization, despite the worldwide economic crisis. The conventional way has been to process translations with the help of freelance linguists; however, nowadays there are also thousands of Translation Agencies around the world.  One of the usual organizational structures for a Translation Agency involves having a Marketing teamProject Managers; In-House staff -such as translators, editors and proofreaders-; an IT team; and, obviously, the Management positions. The actual structure here at Trusted Translations is very similar, with a rather important difference: In addition to the Project Manager, there is also an Account Manager, who represents a similar function as a Sales Manager with additional responsibilities.

A classic Project Manager begins the procedure by analyzing the scope of the project, taking into account the driver (time, cost or quality) in order to provide an accurate quote to the client. The Project Manager needs to make sure to receive the source files, the exact target language, any Glossaries or Translation Memories. The detailed quote is sent and once the client agrees with the proposed cost and delivery time, the entire project planning begins.

The planning consists of getting the correct team together –translator, editor, proofreader-; and, if DTP is needed, also somebody responsible for layout and design. The Project Manager has to make sure the deadline is met and that all instructions are clear. Before the Project Manager can make the delivery, an internal quality assurance needs to be performed, to make sure the quality of the translation has met the standards. In addition to the delivery, the Invoice and in some occasions, the Receipt is sent.

In Trusted Translations, the Account Manager is in charge of defining the scope of the project with the client’s help. The AM is also in charge of delivering the detailed quote and for closing the sale. After that, the Project Manager takes over and takes care of the work at the back-office. The Account Manager then delivers the translation together with the Invoice and Receipt. The Account Manager is in charge of meeting all client´s expectations, educate the client and answer any questions the client might have. Suggestions are very common and in many cases the client chooses to move forward with the translation thanks to the professional advice received from the Account Manager.

When dealing with many clients, it is essential to have a Project Manager take care of the operational processes, as the Account Manager will not have time for that additional task. I believe the key to success is to provide excellent customer service and excellent translation quality, and that is only possible with an Account Manager and Project Manager.

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