Certified Translation [VIDEO]

The Key elements of a Certified Translation Service

In this video, Trusted Translations explains to you in 60 seconds the key elements of a certified translation.


Certified Translations and the Overall Certification Process

We’re Trusted Translations and we plan to help you understand the importance of certified translations and the overall certification process.

Most government agencies and court systems in the U.S. and abroad require that all critical documents necessary for a legal or official matter to be in the country’s official language. Many times, however, some or all the critical documents are in a foreign language. So what is the solution?

The answer is a certified translation. Most legal systems and government entities allow for a document in a foreign language to be accepted if it has been first:  Translated by a qualified individual or company and second, the translation is accompanied by a separate “Certificate” signed by the qualified translator or company that states the translation is accurate.

This combination of this signed certificate (often referred to as a Certificate of Accuracy) and the actual translation is what is called a Certified Translation.

At Trusted Translations we issues thousands of certified translations every year for almost every jurisdiction and can walk you through this sometimes complex process. Please contact us today for more information.