Costs and Pricing for Desktop Publishing, or DTP

In a previous post, I described desktop publishing, or DTP. Now I will talk about how to quote this service.

There are three ways to quote design work: by page, image or hour. The most common are by page and by hour. If we consider quoting a job per page, they are evaluated as simple or complex. This includes the number of tables, columns, tables, graphs, among others, included on every page. In general, files are quoted per image when it is a very long document and there are only a few images, which is why they are extracted and quoted individually.

Because there is no specific unit for DTP as there is for translation or edition (word, sentence or characters), the most convenient, and recommendable, method is quoting per hour. When quoting per hour, take into account the type of design that must be done: whether they are simple or complex documents such as animations, CAD files, plans, etc. It is also essential to consider how many segments of text should be replaced in the other language, how long will it take to adjust the size, color and distribution, in order to maintain the same format as the original.

For all of these factors that must be taken into account, it is recommended that each project be analyzed carefully, in order to decide whether to quote per hour, per page or per image, so we can provide an appropriate quote that is convenient for the translator, the designer and the customer.

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