Examples of Edition

As we brought up last time, the edition stage is necessary for projects that are looking to have high levels of quality.
Below are some examples of translations, with very clear errors, and issues in order to appreciate the added value of the editing stage.

Example 1

Source: Coca-Cola Zero® ha sido uno de los productos más exitosos de nuestra historia.
Translation: Coca-cola zero has been the most successful product in our history.
Edition: Coca-Cola Zero ® has been one of the most successful product launches in our history.
(The text is protected as a trademark remains the same in all languages).

Example 2

Source:El índice S&P 500 disminuyó un 11,4%, el índice MSCI se redujo un 13,8% y el índice de Mercados Emergentes de MSCI cayó un 8,3%.
Translation: The S & P 500 Index Declined 11.4%, the MSCI Index dropped 13.8% and the MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fell 8.3%.
Edit: The S & P 500 dropped 11.4%, the MSCI Index fell 13.8% and the  MSCI Emerging Markets Index lowered 8.3%.
(Terminology improved).

Example 3

Source: Es simplemente una bolsa de papas fritas.
Translation: It is nothing more and nothing less than a bag of potato chips.
Edit: It’s just a bag of crisps.
(The text is located only upon request from the client).


In these few examples, we see some errors that may go unnoticed to the reader, are corrected according to legal rules of protection of copyright or grammatical rules in accordance with today’s standards. The preferences selected by each client to use a terminology appropriate to its market are also considered.

(Spanish version: https://www.trustedtranslations.com/ejemplos-de-edicion-2010-08-09.html)