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Edition Stage

Many times we deal with clients who are looking to solve specific translation needs in the shortest time possible. In this scenario, we explain to the client that we do not work alone but in tandem with other professional translators and it is often difficult to make them understand the reasons why there is not one lone translator in the project or the project does not have only a translation stage, but there is an edition stage after translation, regardless of the translator’s experience and the excellence of the translation stage.

Quality control is a concept that has been readily accepted in all industries, with no additional discussion of the obvious benefits.

In our industry, it is clear that we have to comprehensively reread the whole project in relation to previous projects for the same client and taking into account the work of designers and technicians who prepare the content of websites.

These days it is impossible to think of having a single translator handle an entire project that requires high levels of quality. Even with all of the excellence that the translator can add to your project, he or she will have to work together with colleagues and other professionals in the field of the subject.

The times and the added costs of other professionals are essential and not optional when shopping for a translation project, since in order to save money in these areas, the client may be forced to return to the same translation project to correct errors the translator may have missed when he or she sought to take on too much alone.

In this sense, we have countless examples of advertising posters or magazines that drive us crazy with details and issues, both big and small: No one noticed this? How can anyone have NOT noticed? The answer is easy: there was no quality control, there was no edition stage.

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