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Examples of Final Revision

The classic example of the final review is to check the text that appears below images.

Since nouns in English do not denote gender, when translating to Spanish, it is important to ensure that the corresponding gender is used correctly in the final text. It is also essential to verify that the proper choice is used when dealing with a term that has a lot of possible translation options. Another fundamental aspect is to perform a final check that the length of the text captions is similar to the source, so that no text runs over the assigned space and causes problems in the document and that the captioned text corresponds to the image and there was no mistake in which no text or image was placed.

This stage is also when any issues that arise automatically in assembling large projects come to light, since any alteration in the order of a paragraph can be spotted.

That is why this stage is critical for major projects, especially for manuals and user guides.

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