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How does a Phone Interpretation Service work?

Language barriers can ruin many business opportunities. It can be very frustrating for a company to try and break into a new market without having the full capacity to speak the designated language. Well, here at Phone Interpretation Service, which can solve these issues and help you develop more business.

This is how it works:

We offer a phone interpreter from any language into English and English into any language. Let´s say Bob has a very important phone call with the CEO of a company, with whom he would like to close a very important business deal. The only problem is that the CEO is located in China and his Spoken English is extremely poor, so that Bob cannot communicate sufficiently to advance in his business opportunity. Luckily, Bob had anticipated this language barrier and had contacted Trusted Translations a few days prior to this phone call. Bob received an account with a credit of US$ 300.00 dollars giving Bob a total of 120 minutes over-the-phone interpretation time, as Bob wanted to make sure he had enough time with the CEO. All he needed to do now is to call the 1-800 number, enter his pin number and demand a Chinese to English and vice versa interpreter. Within the blink of an eye, Bob had the CEO and the interpreter at the conference room, and he was able to close a 2 million dollar business opportunity, thanks to overcoming the language barrier.

Bob can use his leftover credit at any time, 24/7 and at the end of the month he receives a detailed invoice from Trusted Translations, stating the length of each call made. Overcoming language barriers cannot get easier! Just give us a call and try us out.