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How To Define A Good Translation Project

As with any project, there are many factors involved throughout its development, both human and technical, and you have to be aware of those that can tip the balance towards  satisfaction or frustration.

And the world of translation is no stranger to these elements that play an important role in this intertwined network that forms a translation project.

* From the point of view of a project manager, a good translation project is one that is delivered in a timely manner, that is, on or before the deadlines agreed with the customer, and great content is delivered in the format also agreed with the customer before the job begins.

A good project would be one that presents no difficulty, that does not arouse and negative comments from the customer, where there is nothing to correct later; everything flows smoothly. But a project that has challenges and difficulties can be classified as a good project when you work to overcome all odds and learn from them. In these cases we have to anticipate the facts, we must consider possible contingencies and how to address them if they arise and emerge unscathed without any of this affecting the quality or delivery times.

* From the point of view of an account executive, a very important stage is the stage of quoting a potential work. That time is key to understanding what the customer needs and thus knowing how to respond to those expectations once the project is underway. Another source of added value is when the project manager can detect something that not even the customer noticed, such as a bug in the source material, a way to cut costs and accelerating delivery times.

Also, a successful project is one that develops without loss of any kind while still being delivered on time. It is one that not only meets customer expectations but goes beyond and exceeds them.
It’s when you, as a service company, can earn the trust of the customer.

* For a client, we can say that a translation project was excellent when their in terms of quality and time are met in terms of quality, time, cost, and any others that may be specific to the client.

The greatest hope for all parties involved is that there are no troubles and everything goes smoothly, from beginning to end. And if there are any problems, mainly because it is done with human resources, it remains a good project when all involved demonstrate positive attitudes and skills to resolve any situation.

Even though these are all different views, they all have much in common and we could say that one of the most determining factors in achieving maximum customer satisfaction is that we are always trying to maintain good communication in all directions, first with the customer himself, to know how to interpret what they are looking for, and from there convey that communication with all team members in all possible directions.

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