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Translation Style

It is important not only to translate the idea raised by the original document in another language, but also to ensure that the translation has a writing style to facilitate reading and understanding of the idea.

To succeed in acquiring a good style of writing or for the client to notice it, here are some things to keep in mind:

* Read the original text: we must pay attention to the writing style used by the author: it is casual or formal? Here we must identify with the author by using empathy.

* Research on the topic is essential to make full use of the Internet, encyclopedias, reference works, etc. There are plenty of dictionaries, news sites, monographs and books. This research should be based on trusted sources.

* Academic knowledge: specialization of the translator adds weight to his style.

* Translate the text: the translators translate into their native language. The difference between cultures and countries is significant and professional translators make the effort to take into account differences in language between the different regions.

When you come across the problem of a word with great ambiguity, the context alone provides the solution. Most words have different meanings, so it’s important to have context.

A simple translation style is more impressive and convincing. Well-constructed short sentences are ideal. Keep in mind that the clichés do not usually match between most languages.

If there is any expression that does not sound good in the original text, simply seek clarification with a timely question to the customer.

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