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How to make a client happy

There are several ways of making and keeping a client happy, of which the most important factor is obviously that the client receives a high quality translation. As an Account Manager, one does not translate any text, so it is very important to get as much information regarding the text, document format, translation style, target language etc. from the client. It is very common for a client to request a  translation into Spanish; however Spanish has many dialects; Spanish Spain, Spanish Latin America, Spanish US, Spanish Mexico, etc. so it is crucial to find out where that translation will be presented.

Besides, in order to provide the client with a high quality translation, the Account Manager has to be able to listen and communicate well with the client, so that the entire scope of the translation project is understood and correctly passed on to the Production Team, which consists of the Project Manager, Translator, Editor, Proofreader, Designer and also in some cases, a representative from IT.

Once the quote analysis has been received from the Project Manager, the Account Manager provides the client with a detailed quote. The quote needs to be based on the main scope of the project; Quality, Time or Cost. The finalized quote will stem from how well the Account Manager was able to assess the needs of the client.

Along with sending the translation on time, the Account Manager also needs to provide the client with an accurate Invoice, and if the Translation Service was paid by credit card, then also with a Receipt. It is always important to confirm that the client actually received the translation and it always helps to follow up with the client to see if the client has translation needs in the near future.

If all these points are met, I am sure you will have and maintain a very happy and loyal customer for a long time.