How to search for terms or add a new term in MultiTerm:

When we are translating, surely we might want to add terms in order to complete our termbase or to search for a term in order to maintain the consistency of the translation.

To search for a term:
A. Go to the MultiTerm window and enter the term. If you don’t want to write the whole word or if you don’t find the exact word, but rather a similar one, you can do the search with just the first 3 letters of the word you’re looking for.
B. If you wish to search for a term directly from the document you’re working with, you just have to highlight it with the cursor, and in the Word menu, in MultiTerm, you will find SEARCH TERMBASE.

To add a term to the termbase:
Highlight the term you want do add and click on ADD ENTRY in the MultiTerm menu in Word. A new window opens where you can add the term with the corresponding translation, which will be included in the termbase once you click ADD ENTRY.