How to work in Trados with MultiTerm

1.    Open MultiTerm. Then open the already created termbase.

2.    Open the Workbench. Go to OPTIONS, and then go to TERM RECOGNITION OPTIONS and select your version of MultiTerm.

3.    Click on EXAMINE and with a click on the + sign select the local termbase. Select the source and target languages.

4.    When you click ACCEPT, you Hill see the MultiTerm window in the Workbench (in the extreme right).

5.    Now you can work. When you open a document, the saved glossary terms Hill appear in this MultiTerm window. If you notice that nothing appears in the MultiTerm window during too many segments of the translation, it’s possible that the MultiTerm has been disconnected. Open MultiTerm again or the Workbench.

6.    In the tool bar of Trados you will see new buttons, those of MultiTerm.

7.    If you click the middle button of those that have red brackets above (get current term), the program will insert the term as if it were a segment.