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Macedonian, Bulgarian, or Serbian…

Macedonian is not the same language as Bulgarian or Serbian… Macedonian is a language belonging to the group of South Slavic languages, which includes Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian. One might even say that it is almost intelligible with Bulgarian and it is very similar to Serbian, but this does not make the three languages fully mutually intelligible. As always, it is best that a specialist in each of these languages ​​is the one that handles the translation of a given material.

Macedonian was recognized as an official language of the Republic of Macedonia in 1940, with the new political map that was created after the disintegration of Russia. In Macedonia, Albanian, Romanian and Turkish are also spoken. Macedonia is also spoken in Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, USA, Australia and Canada.

Some characteristics:

* As is common to all Slavic languages, its writing system is uses the Cyrillic alphabet (although there is also a romanization of the alphabet, the Cyrillic version is more common);

* Its nouns do not have cases;

* It has three definite articles.

One way to differentiate these Slavic languages:

* Only Russian and Belarusian used the letters ы and ё;

* Only Belarusian uses the letter ў;

* Only Belarusian and Ukrainian use the Cyrillic letter і;

* Only Ukrainian uses the letters ї, ґ and є;

* The letter Ь is not used in Serbian or Macedonian;

* The letters љ and џ are used in Macedonian and Serbian;

* The letters ђ, њ and ћ only appear in Serbian;

* The letters ѕ, ѓ and ќ appear only in Macedonian.

This is just a brief introduction to the world of Slavic languages ​​and there is a rich linguistic and cultural background that makes each of these languages ​​unique, beyond the similarity that exists between them.

It is always worth repeating that it is essential to know the target audience that a particular material is intended for in order to hire the right professional for translation into the target language.

For an inquiry on Macedonian or any other Slavic language, you can request a free quote.

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