Olympics: The Language Arena

With the Olympics upon us, we cannot help but see the world in a different light. Maybe for the whole 16 days. Possibly forever. But at least for a moment. A unity illuminated by a disparateness among countries and cultures is practically thrown in our faces, inspiring endless examinations and questions. And here at Trusted Translations, our favorite – the language arena – is no exception.

For example, what many people may not know is that French joins English as the official languages of the Olympic Games. In fact, the “rulebook” of the games, which was published in 1908, “Annuaire du Comité International Olympique”, is nonetheless in French and although there is now an English version, the French version supersedes upon any discrepancy between the two. If you didn’t notice, the first language spoken in the Olympic Opening Ceremony broadcast in the US was in French as well.

There are hundreds of languages spoken and interpreting staff has been a notably costly resource in the games this year. Regardless of the language differences, sports is universal. So, you can leave the language to us.