French is the official language of the Olympic Games

 The International Olympics Committee established French as the official language of the 2012 Olympic Games, which are being held in London, England. This may sound a little unusual, as generally English is considered the universal language. However, this rule was agreed on and formalized in this way through the International Olympic Committee.

French is the official language at both the opening and closing ceremonies. The presentation of the medals at the end of each competition will also be in French. All of the ceremonies and every announcement made will be in English, which is the language most commonly spoken by the majority of the audience, and is also the official language of the host country of the Games.

To remove all doubts, let´s clarify that this is in honor of the creator of the Olympic Games, a French man called Pierre de Coubertin. This is why French was chosen as the official language, and as a result, all announcements, advertising and messages should be read in this language.

Without a doubt one of the most interesting and alluring attractions offered by the Olympic Games is the variety of languages that are mixed every four years in one event. The richness of languages and cultural exchange are further enriched by the large number of sportswomen and men from all over the world who share a dream. When all is said and done the most commonly spoken language in London during these days is universal: the language of passion for sport. Let the games begin!

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