Solving Problems Related to Cleaning Files in Trados Studio 2009

Today, a large number of translators are working with the new version of Trados: Trados Studio 2009. And one of our most common problems is that we are often unable to clean the bilingual file to deliver the clean file to the customer in the required target language(s).

When you cannot clean the bilingual file, I suggest you check these points:

* Make sure you have the original file.

* Make sure the original file is in the same folder as the bilingual and that you didn’t copy and paste it to another folder.

* Make sure that the bilingual file (TTX) has exactly the same name as the original. If the name differs, click F2 and delete the last part of file name, ie, the letters after the first “ttx”.

* Make sure that the original file is closed. Sometimes we have the original file open for context as we translate. Remember, then, to close the original file when you want to clean the bilingual file.

And as always, if cleaning problems persist, get in touch with the project manager and IT contact (if applicable) to analyze each error message.

Do you have any particular situation you want to share here for analyze it together?

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