The Advantages of Being a Recurring Client

It is very common to see buyers browse the various options offered in the market before buying a product or service, in order to determine which one is most suitable in terms of quality and price. But once they choose an option, sometimes they not always choose the same supplier, and, for various reasons, they move from one supplier to another.

The aim of this post is to show why this coming and going from one supplier to another is not convenient in terms of time and quality.

These items are all under the assumption that the change from one supplier to another is desirable economically.

1. Urgent or “rush” projects

When a client is recurrent, they ha more chances of getting a high quality translation for a project with urgent deadlines, whether they are short or very long projects.

2. Terminological consistency

The current market makes the use of software translation an absolute must. These softwares are able to rely on previous work for the same client. Thus, when this same client has a new project, they will use the same translation memory to standardize all the translated material that is delivered to a customer.

3. Savings in the final price to pay

Precisely due to the fact that recurring clients have their own translation memories, containing the contents of all translations already delivered, new projects are analyzed and all text that appears as repetitions does not have to be paid for.

The equation “Repetitions = Free” considerably influences costs.

In contrast, changing suppliers regularly, even risking lowering the quality of the translations delivered at a higher cost, offers no benefits.

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