The Cost of a Language

When quoting a text for a translation there are many variables to consider, for example the number of words, the subject of the text, preparation and graphic design adjustments (Desktop Publishing or DTP), and even the level of urgency with which you need to have the work finished. But even more important is knowing which language pair you should work with, since not all languages ​​have the same cost.

On what does the cost of each language depend, then? There are different factors to consider. On the one hand, we must contemplate how common or exotic the required language is, and how many resources are available to carry out the translation. For example, English and Spanish are among the most accessible languages ​​given to the large number of people in the world who speak them. Therefore, there is a wide range of linguists working with this pair of languages. On the other hand, less frequent languages ​​such as Tagalog (spoken in the Philippines) or Swahili (spoken mainly in Tanzania and Kenya) are rarer and their fees are therefore higher.

Another important issue is the complexity of the language itself. Languages ​​that require more years of study and practice than normal, such as German or Dutch, inevitably result in higher prices per translated word than other languages ​​that are simpler to learn and master.

There is one more issue that can greatly influence translation costs, and it is the kind of monetary exchange that a country can have. Nations with very strong economies, and therefore with higher prices than the rest of the world, usually demand compensation commensurate with their cost of living. The Nordic languages ​​such as Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are a clear example of this; they are the most expensive languages ​​in Europe.

All these aspects can give us a general idea of ​​the type of budget necessary for a translation project. Sometimes the cost of a project exceeds the available budget, in which case you can consider using the MT (Machine Translation) followed by post-editing instead of translation to achieve more economical prices. To receive a precise and free quote, contact Trusted Translations. We will help you find the most accessible price for quality work.