How to Translate Microsoft Visio Files

Computer Assisted Translation tools (or CAT tools) recognize text from a great diversity of file formats, thus are able to calculate the word count and analyze how many of them match those saved in the Translation Memory (or TM, for short), in order to achieve a faster translation process and maintain consistency with previous translations. But there are certain types of files that are not recognized by these tools and need an in-between conversion step to be able to extract the text and use it in the translation workflow.

One example of such cases are Microsoft Visio documents. This is a program that generates vector graphics ideal for composing diagrams or synoptic tables from different types of contents. Similar to AutoCAD files, there is a special software called TransTools for Visio, which extracts the text from Microsoft Visio files and converts them into a Word file that contains a table with two columns. In the first column there is the extracted text in the original language. The second column appears empty, since that is where, once the text is translated with the CAT tool, the text must be copied and pasted in the target language. With the original text on one side, and the translation on the other, the Word file is saved and reprocessed with TransTools for Visio so that the software replaces the original text with the target language. It may happen that the translated text be a bit misplaced or out of place due to text contraction or expansion during the translation process. When this happens, the file is sent to the design department for an additional DTP step and have them make the final adjustments so that the document is in optimal condition to be delivered to the client.

Each type of file usually has its own conditions and tricks, so it is required to have the greatest possible experience, and of course, have the software and tools necessary to be able to make efficient document translations made with Microsoft Visio, or with any other required format.

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