Translation and Interpretation: The Best Professions of 2011

While surfing the Internet, I found this interesting article from U.S. News about the best jobs to have in 2011. It turns out that, within the category of “creative and service jobs”, I found translator and interpreter, along with commercial pilot, curator, heating and air conditioning technician, among others.

Our profession is considered one of the most important since we are “necessary” for translating a wide variety of documents such as manuals, pharmaceutical texts and reading texts and to interpret in different environments, such as courts and conferences.

It also has a positive outlook for the future for people in these professions. It foresees a 20% increase in the profession between 2008 and 2018, which is much higher compared to the percentage of other careers.

In terms of activity, it is usually low, as the translator does their job at a computer. And the activity of an interpreter may be higher because you may need to travel or move from one place to another to perform the services.

Regarding stress, it says that translators and interpreters work to meet deadlines and comply with strict timetables. However, given that a large majority works as freelancers, there are periods of a lot of work and other periods of little work.

In conclusion, translators and interpreters need to develop three key areas: communicating in a foreign language, writing in the native language and developing expertise in a particular field (medicine, engineering, law, etc.).

This is a brief summary of what can be read in the article. Check it out! I recommend it!

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