Translation Costs Per Language Pair

As already presented in our post Prices Per Source Word Count, by using a good budget, as  clear and detailed as possible, you can set the final price that is best for closing the project for translation services.

We have seen that, depending on the translation language pair, there may be expansion or contraction of the number of words in the translation.

In our first article we analyzed translations to and from English, and to and from Spanish, Portuguese (Europe and Brazil), French, German and Italian.

Today we will provide estimates on the percentage of contraction or expansion of the number of words of translation to and from English, when working with  Danish, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian and Swedish:

English to Danish: 10-15% contraction

English to Finnish: 25-30% contraction

English to Greek: 5-10% expansion

English to Norwegian: 5-10% contraction

English to Swedish: 10% contraction

Danish to English: 10-15% expansion

Finnish to English: 30-40% expansion

Greek to English: 10-20% expansion (general texts) / / 10% contraction (technical materials)

Norwegian to English: 5-10% expansion

Swedish to English: 10% expansion

(Spanish version: